Witching Season


Hot Head Skull candle from CB2 $14.95

My best friend in 5th grade was Nina. She had long frizzy black hair and a laugh that would explode out of her mouth, sending her head flying back. Nina’s grandmother filled her head with romantic, magical stories of witches and spells, which led her to fill my head with them. We became OBSESSED after burying our noses (that were not covered in warts, thank you very much) through L.J. Smith’s trilogy about teen witches, The Secret Circle. We SWORE we made the swings move using our preadolescent spell-casting powers during recess one day. I’ve sort of been keen on the whole spell & magic thing ever since. You don’t have to worry about me sneaking a strand of hair from your locks or anything… yet.


Gorgeous Tarot deck from The Wild Unknown $40

Just in time for witchin’ season, I stumbled upon these gorgeous tarot cards from The Wild Unknown. Don’t they just make you want to take down your hair, throw on a Free People dress and grab a broom out of the closet? Me too, you guys. Meeeeee tooooooo. Scroll down to view the rest of the items I’m currently vibing this witching season.


Tarot Guidebook from The Wild Unknown $20


Nomad Child dress from Free People $148, Lucky Penny booties from Seychelles $140, Ono Jewelry Levitation Ring from Free People $48, Stacking Ring Trio from Free People $14


Gentle Lion strength print from The Wild Unknown $40, Zodiac candle from Urban Outfitters $10


Sage Spirit Smudge Incense set from Urban Outfitters $14, Love Potion from Free People $28

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