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YOU GUYS. All I want to talk about today is how cute everything is. Like, isn’t everything so cute? Stop giving me that look! I’m in a good mood, okay? Ahem. Now that we’re on the same page, please take a look at the goodies below that are SUH CUTE. Spoiler alert: All of the items are available at Target. Bonus: They’re 30% off through Saturday!

home-decor-targetGo get ’em: 1. Nate Berkus Woven Hyacinth Basket & Woven Fringe Basket $24.50 each 2. Christopher Knight Retro Chair $119 3. Sabrina Soto Herringbone Sheet Sets $35-$53.20 4. Nate Berkus Woven Jute Stool $49 5. willo san francisco Canoo TV Stand $420 6. Nate Berkus Multi Chevron Accent Rug $14 7. Christopher Knight Ramona Occasional Table Set $280 8. Sabrina Soto Charlie Shark Throw Pillow $17.50 9. Christopher Knight Haddie Wood Frame Club Chair $392.70 10. Nate Berkus Tassel Shower Hooks $7 11. Sabrina Soto Ele Bath Towels $5.60-$13.30

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