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Malibu, Here I Come!

Guys! I have such an exciting weekend planned. Mr. Scott is busy at a bachelor party in Sunriver, Oregon, (Hi Scott!) but don’t you worry about me! I have some Texas women in town to keep me company! One of them (Hi Katie!) recently moved to Malibu actually, so we’ll be living it up all weekend fancy-pants style. Her home is right on the beach and it’s breathtaking. Unbelievably relaxing. I love getting a little sun on the patio while sipping coffee and listening to the ocean waves and the rustle of pages of US Weekly being flipped. Seriously though, I’m excited to catch up with my gals. I cherish these moments. I always feel like my battery power is restored after spending time with Kate. Follow our shenanigans on Instagram over the weekend. Happy Friday!

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