Green Things

Hey! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite green things. Not that you care because you’re probably already elbow deep in a pitcher of green beer. ‘Tis the season!

Green Things |

THESE ARE SO COMFORTABLE: Nomadic State of Mind Slide Sandal in Mint from Urban Outfitters $34, Rambling Rose Mint Green Kimono Top from Lulu’s $48

Green Things |

Something to read & something to read in: Places to Go, People to See Coffee Table Book by Kate Spade from Furbish Studio $40, Halter Wrap One-Piece Swimsuit in Festive Green from J.Crew $88

Green Things |

Skate season is in full schwing: Moxie Lolly Roller Skates in Teal from Urban Outfitters $299, Ray-Ban Acetate Covered Aviator Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters $180

Green Things |

Preeeeetttttyyyyyy: KomitaArt Toucan Print from Etsy $30, WhitlockandCo Green Floral Pillow Cover from Etsy $40

Green Things |

My dream fridge & something to put in my dream fridge: Smeg Refrigerator in Pastel Green from West Elm $1999, Greens1 from Pressed Juicery

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