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Mel and Farrah in Houston
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How to Help Houston

It’s been a heartbreaking past few days watching the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Houston is very close to my heart. I love the city—and the people and animals who live in it—very much. Most of the tears I have shed have been out of heartbreak, but some recent ones have come from hope. It has helped my heart watching people helping people. This is why I love Houston. This is why I love Texas. I’ve also come across some really nice love letters to Houston.

It’s frustrating not being there to help, but I’m hoping this small blog post does something. Below is a list of organizations where you can donate your time, money and household items. Keep scrolling for links to other helpful lists. To my Houston friend fam, you know I love you. Hang in there. #HoustonStrong

The Houston Food Bank’s goal is to make food accessible to hungry people in their greatest times of need. You can help them most by donating money (every $1 provides 3 meals), but they’re also asking for canned ready-to-eat vegetables and fruit with pull tops, protein in pouches or pull-up top cans, peanut butter, toiletries and more to be dropped off at their main location on Portwall. If you’re local, you can sign up for volunteer shifts.

Save the Children is passionate about giving children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm—every day, in times of crisis and the future. Their CEO and president, Carolyn Miles, has been spending time with displaced kids in the child-friendly spaces the organization has set up. Donate here to help them provide infant and toddler supplies (and so much more) to three Houston mega shelters.

Houston Humane Society is a charity dedicated to ending cruelty, abuse and the overpopulation of animals while providing the highest quality of life to those in their care. Over the past few days, their team has participated in rescue missions to save people and pets. Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundationteam recently helped them transfer animals that were at the shelter before Harvey hit, in order to free up space for strays and displaced animals that will need shelter in the next few days and weeks. Give directly to their Hurricane Harvey fund, or buy them something from their Amazon Wish List. Follow their Facebook page for updates.

Austin Pets Alive!, the leader of the no-kill movement in Central Texas, has already saved over 600 (and counting) animals who have been displaced by Harvey. They have run out of room to hold the many donations they’ve received in the past few days, so they are asking for financial donations instead. They are, as always, in need of fosters, adopters and volunteers. Keep up with their efforts on Twitter and Instagram with #APAHarvey.

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center has extended the hours of many donor locations in response to the high demand of blood. They have already made their first large shipment to the Texas coast, and will continue to make shipments in the next few weeks. Sign up to donate blood here. If you’re not local, you can donate blood through the Red Cross.

Texas Diaper Bank is an organization based in San Antonio who helps provide diapers to babies and seniors. Help them continue to ship diapers to shelters in Corpus Christi, Rockport and Houston by donating here. They are also asking for volunteers to help them count, sort and send out donations.

The United Way of Houston has launched the United Way Relief Fund to provide safety, shelter and basic needs, like food, to those in need. 100% of donations go to helping the community recover. Visit their website to donate or text UWFLOOD to 41444.

Direct Relief’s mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies without regard to politics, religion or ability to pay. They are providing emergency funding, medical supplies and medicine to local health care centers. Donate here.

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Gone To Texas |
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Gone To Texas!

This past month has been completely insane. Back in April, Scott and I made the decision to move to my hometown of Austin, Texas. We had a few months to wrap our heads around the idea, but it wasn’t until I sold my car, crammed all of our belongings into a Budget moving truck, hitched Scott’s car to the truck, moved out of our apartments and hit the road that IT GOT REAL. We spent four days on the road and I really enjoyed having that time to laugh, scream and think about how OMG it’s happening. We’re really going for it!

Why are we going for it? I’ve always kind of kept moving back to Austin someday in the back of my brain, though I never thought it’d be this soon! The move was actually Scott’s idea. When he first brought it up, my response was… DUH! He fell in love with Austin on one of our trips and decided it’s the perfect place to start his production company and a new chapter of his life. He’s been in LA for the past ten years and he’s looking forward to getting to know a city that may be a bit more like his Oregon upbringing. (Green, outdoorsy and friendly… but with a lot more queso, breakfast tacos and visits to Jester King Brewery.)

It’s been 20 years since I lived in Austin. I spent my younger days making candles at Eeyore’s Birthday Party, riding on my step dad’s shoulders in the Capitol 10,000, winning 1st place (holler!) in the costume pet parade with my sis and our German Shepherd/wolf named Rasta (dressed in homemade Batman costumes), spinning under the Zilker Park Christmas tree, trekking through the Greenbelt from my backyard to Barton Springs and shopping the sh*t out of Barton Creek Square Mall. I attended almost every school in South Austin. I went to kindergarten on the drag at St. Austin’s, where I was always super jelly of the young punk-bums with bright blue hair. I went to Travis Heights Elementary, before transferring to Zilker Elementary, then to Fulmore Middle School on South Congress, then Barton Hills Elementary. I was a cheerleader at Martin Junior High who knew more about how to do the Tootsee Roll than a Toe-Touch. Then a life curveball moved me to San Antonio just before high school. I experienced quite a culture shock transitioning from going to school on the East side of Austin back in the day to going to high school in a fancy-pants area of San Antonio. It was um… different.

Though I’ve moved all over Texas, lived in New York and of course the lovely Culver City, Austin has always felt right to me. The energy, the people, the food, the music, the sense of community, the food, the food, the food… it’s home to me. I’m incredibly excited to get to know Austin again. It’s a bit emotional for me. It’s fun for me. It’s thrilling for me. It’s just wild. Austin has definitely changed since I was a kid and I can’t wait to explore it all with Scott! And fill y’all in on our shenanigans, duh!

As far as the blog goes, you can definitely expect it to evolve. Since I’m stoked to immerse myself in all things Austin, Austin and the surrounding areas (GUH, so many great places!) will play a big role here at Mustache Melrose. But you’ll also see a gang-load of photos from all of our travels outside of Texas. I still want to show you guys pics from our trips to Hawaii, Disneyland, Santa Barbara and a few fun outings in LA. Once we get settled, I’ll get to work on updating the hell out of y’all. In the meantime, follow along on Instagram and enjoy the pics from our road trip below. Spoiler alert: TEEPEES.

Talk soon!



48 Hours in Fredericksburg, Texas |

Moving to Austin NBD

GUYS! The next few posts on the blog will be primarily about LA (with a few travel posts peppered in). WHY, YOU ASK? BECAUSE SCOTT AND I ARE MOVING TO AUSTIN!!! Yep. I can’t believe it. I am finally moving back home to Austin. I am laughing maniacally with joy as I write this. I can’t wait to start a new chapter with Scott and explore and get to know my city again. What does this mean for the blog? COOL STUFF AND THINGS, OF COURSE! I will still be sharing pics from our trips to everywhere, you’ll just see a lot more posts about things to see and do around Austin. Don’t offer to help us load our Uhaul just yet—we’re not headed out until late August. We have the whole summer to soak in LA.

Moving to Austin |


Melody in Malibu |
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Malibu, Here I Come!

Guys! I have such an exciting weekend planned. Mr. Scott is busy at a bachelor party in Sunriver, Oregon, (Hi Scott!) but don’t you worry about me! I have some Texas women in town to keep me company! One of them (Hi Katie!) recently moved to Malibu actually, so we’ll be living it up all weekend fancy-pants style. Her home is right on the beach and it’s breathtaking. Unbelievably relaxing. I love getting a little sun on the patio while sipping coffee and listening to the ocean waves and the rustle of pages of US Weekly being flipped. Seriously though, I’m excited to catch up with my gals. I cherish these moments. I always feel like my battery power is restored after spending time with Kate. Follow our shenanigans on Instagram over the weekend. Happy Friday!

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February Wrap-Up

Where are we going, guys? Where have we been? Who are you? Who am I? Ya know? Anyway, here’s a wrap-up of what happened on Mustache Melrose this month. Hey March, I’m comin’ fer ya.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I started blogging again. Good job, Mel!
Hi from Mel

Scott and I had a ridiculously fun day in downtown LA.
Monday Funday in DTLA |

Finally visited Coolhaus in Culver City!
Coolhaus in Culver City via

I shared photos from our road trip to Arizona. Spolier alert: Date shakes and dinosaurs.
Dinos and Date Shakes |

Inspired to be colorful this Spring thanks to Modcloth!
Colorful New Arrivals from ModCloth |

We visited Solvang again AND IT WAS AWESOME.

I shared some motivational fashion finds and quotes to help get you movin’.
Fitness Motiviation

Fitness Motivation
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Fitness Inspiration

I have finally gotten back into working out! I took about a year off—okay maybe a bit more than a year… Getting back into fitness is the hardest thing ever! It’s so overwhelming. You’re mad (and maybe a bit embarrassed) for letting yourself go. You’re super annoyed because you can’t fit into your clothes. You’re disappointed because you keep planning these elaborate workout plans and schedules, but ya never execute or stick with them. You’re just over it all. Give yourself a break and just do it. Don’t over think or over plan it. Don’t make it an option, make it an item on your to-do list every single day. It will get easier and easier every day because your body will become stronger and stronger every day. Isn’t that empowering?! You have control over your health, strength and happiness, so be a friend to yourself and do it! Put your feet on the ground and leave the house. Preferably in clothes. Since I’ve gotten my butt back into Bar Method, I love checking out everyone’s gear in class. As I whittle my middle, it’s fun to think about the new jock wear I’ll soon be stocking my closet with. Here are a few of my favorite looks from Nike, and keep scrollin’ for some motivational quotes that help me get my butt outside. Go get ’em!

Leg-A-See Mishmash Allover Print Leggings $50Fitness MotivationLeg-A-See Allover Print Cropped Leggings $45Fitness MotivationRally Loose Pants $55Fitness MotivationDistrict 72 Pants $70Fitness MotivationWoven Loose Running Pants $75Fitness MotivationRally Funnel Neck Allover Print Hoodie $70Fitness Motivation

via We Heart ItFitness Motiviationvia The GreatestFitness Motiviationvia The LondonerFitness Motiviationvia Pop SugarFitness Motiviationvia Total BeautyFitness Motiviationvia Skinny MomFitness Motiviationvia Fit SugarFitness Motiviationvia Viva AthelticFitness Motiviationvia unknownFitness Motiviationvia Total BeautyFitness Motiviationvia ShapeFitness Motiviationvia Total BeautyFitness Motiviationvia BuzzFeedFitness Motiviationvia A Merry LifeFitness Motiviationvia Love This PicFitness Motiviation