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How to Survive Whole30

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed from time to time I put myself through absolute hell set out to do something really healthy for my body and mind, and partake in the Whole30 Challenge. In a nutshell (yes, you can eat nuts), the Whole30 is a 30-day reset where you replace sugar, grains, legumes, dairy and booze with whole foods like vegetables, fruit, meat and seafood. Did I lose you at no booze? I get it, and yep, no wine, beer or liquor for 30 days. You will live, I promise. Is it hard? Yes. Is it totally doable and will you feel like a champion afterward? Oh hellllll yes. Check out my tips and let me know if you have some of your own to share in the comments below!

Get yourself a big ‘ol calendar. And use this lifesaver timeline to mark the days you can expect to feel great and the days you can expect to feel murderous a bit grumpy. Note that your mood may not exactly match the timeline, but it’ll be pretty darn close. The best part of the calendar is crossing the day off and being that much closer to your goal. Go you! P.S. If you love the timeline above, you’ll also love these other helpful official Whole30 downloads.

Hide all the things. Go through your pantry and fridge before you start. Toss or donate any no-no’s, or put any that will still be good on day 31 in a paper bag (like one from Target or Trader Joe’s) and push it to the back of the fridge. Ignore it for the next 30 days. This way when you open the fridge, you’ll know anything in there is fair game.

How to survive the #whole30 |

Food prep your little heart out. This might be the most important tip. It’s super frustrating when you get home from an unexpected long and hard day and you have no idea what to eat/don’t want to cook dinner. Set yourself up for success by spending a little time over the weekend cooking and prepping as many meals as possible. I wasn’t much of a chef pre-Whole30, but I now have more than a few favorite recipes (keep scrolling), and I really look forward to my Sunday evening time in the kitchen.

On office life. If you work in an awesome office like mine, there are always amazing treats out for the taking—donuts, cupcakes, chicken & waffles, pizza, beer. I’ve been taking pictures of all the treats that magically appear, which in a weird way, makes me feel like I’m consuming them. I sat close to a tray of donuts in a meeting once just so I could smell them. On that note, you will do really weird things on the Whole30. Just be prepared with your lunch and know there will be treats next month!

The first weekend was super hard for me. Get yourself some La Croix or Topo Chico with lemon or lime and watch a good movie or Netflix season. Scott and I have done the Whole30 three times now, and on the first two tries, we always found some reason to talk ourselves into cheating. “Welllll, maybe we can have red wine on weekends. It’s good for your heart!” I’m proud to say we didn’t cheat at all during our most recent Whole30 in September. I tell you this because you will think of hilarious reasons you can just have a little of this or that. But don’t. When you’re having a huge craving, make yourself busy and let it pass. When you wake up the next day without cheating, you’ll feel so much stronger. It’s totally a brain game. So weird! So fun!

No but really, load up on fun water. Okay, so part of the challenge is that you’re not supposed to swap out bad stuff for fake bad stuff. For example, you shouldn’t drink Topo Chico from a wine glass. But I mean… if it’s going to keep you from falling off the wagon, do it! Perhaps give it the old college try first though and reserve the mocktail for when you just. can’t. take. it. anymore.

For my sweet tooth sisters. Okay, same point here. You’re not supposed to eat fake dessert because Whole30 is all about breaking those bad habits. But if you’re really hurting, keep some dates in the freezer and treat yo self TO ONE when you’re about to fall off the ledge. I swear after not eating sugar for a while, it’ll taste like chocolate.

Don’t go crazy on fruit or nuts. Scott and I did that during our first go and I think it messed with our results. We treated ourselves to a few grapes and strawberries at breakfast and lunch on our recent Whole30 and it was totally fine.

When days are rough. Remember why you’re doing this. “Remember that you are the CEO of your body and you should be boss about that sh*t.” Also, talk to a friend or head to Instagram to see how others are staying strong. Whole30’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest definitely help too. It’s such an interesting science experiment you’re doing on your body, so when days are hard, just think of it that way. It’s pretty amazing what you learn about your habits and brain. I promise by the end of the 30 days, you’ll feel in charge, rather than your body/sugar being the boss. Neat.

Okay cool story, but what the hell do we eat?? The hardest part of Whole30 is not knowing what the heck you can eat. Huzzah! Check out my favorite recipes below.


  • My Whole30 Pinterest board, duh.
  • Make this breakfast casserole on Sunday night and it will last you through Friday morning. Trust me, it will save you on busy mornings. I trick it out with 2-3 chopped sweet potatoes, half of an onion (chopped), a bag of frozen spinach and 11 eggs instead of 10. We fancy.
  • On weekends, we get down with bacon (check the label for sugar-gah), avocado, eggs made with coconut milk and a small amount of fruit. Oh, and coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon is delightful!


  • My Whole30 Pinterest board, duh.
  • Roasted veggies and sausages make for an easy and quick meal you can make at work for lunch or dinner if you get home late. I love Trader Joe’s already cooked sausages. Be sure to read the package though—they’re not all Whole30 approved. We love the chicken apple, jalapeno, garlic herb and sun-dried tomato flavors. Roast two pans of veggies on Sunday and they should last you through the work week.
  • I make this turkey kale soup every Sunday night and it lasts us 2-3 dinners.
  • It’s always good to keep a ton of tuna fish in your pantry. I mix mine with Just Mayo, chopped black olives, chopped cucumbers and Dijon mustard. I eat it with carrots or plop a big spoonful in romaine lettuce cups. Side note: I tried to make my own mayo and it was a huge fail. Just Mayo is approved and does the trick.
  • Tuna patties with Just Mayo for dipping, sweet potato fries and grapes. I LOVE this recipe. It’s so dang good and easy. Instead of breadcrumbs, use almond or coconut flour and allow the patties to hang out in the fridge for about 15 minutes before cooking so they stay together in the skillet.
  • Slow cooker chicken with roasted veggies and grapes. The grapes feel like a treat. I make the chicken on Sunday and it lasts for a few meals. It’s super easy and sets you up for success. This chicken recipe is a favorite. And so is this one.
  • Butternut squash, sweet potato or zucchini zoodles. You can use a spiralizer like this one if you have time to cook. OR, buy the zoodles already zoodled. We found this brand at our local grocery store. Just throw them on the stove with garlic, onions and a little bit of clarified butter, then toss in some protein like grilled chicken or shrimp. (Keeping cooked, deveined & peeled shrimp in the freezer is a lifesaver on late work nights.)
  • Meatballs, y’all! They’re great with zoodles, clarified butter, garlic and diced tomatoes or a no sugar added tomato sauce. I like this recipe, but often use turkey instead of pork.
  • Fried okra with avocado cream is such a good side.
  • I could eat a pan of prosciutto wrapped asparagus for dinner.
  • Sweet potato, kale and shrimp skillet. So easy and delicious. Make more than you think you need for easy lunch leftovers.
  • Jalapeño turkey burgers with sweet potato fries, diced red onion and Wholly guacamole.
  • Moroccan spiced roasted sweet potatoes and carrots with Balsamic steak rolls.

Great Links From Others – I’ll keep these updated as I come across new ones!

Have you done the Whole30? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below! xo, Mel


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Thank goodness for Instagram. I mean, I get to connect with all kinds of cool people. Brilliant bloggers, adventure seekers, sidecar-riding pups, rich dogs, musicians, my favorite cities, tastemakers in Tokyo and food trucks. GLORIOUS FOOD TRUCKS! Scott and I had a date set today for coffee and laptop-ing, but we hadn’t decided on a location yet. Enter Instagram. The first thing I do every day is scan my Instagram feed. (Guilty.) One of the first posts I saw was this one instructing me to head to a new coffee spot in my hood called Coffee Commissary and eat some damn good grub from Free Range LA.

And y’all, I’m so glad I did.

We noshed on fluffy beignets and perfectly toasted thick bread slathered with an egg, smashed avocado, pickled red onions and Sriracha sauce. #Nom indeed. It was the best avocado toast I’ve ever had. Follow Free Range on Instagram to see where they’ll be next, and stop by the new Coffee Commissary in Palms/Culver City to get your caffeine fix. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into some really cool people there. Hi Adam!

Free Range LA | MustacheMelrose.comFree Range LA | MustacheMelrose.comFree Range LA |

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I Scream, You Scream, Wait Why Are We Yelling?

Last Saturday was National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, arguably the most important holiday of the year. Just kidding. Kind of. Scott and I took this opportunity to visit Coolhaus, a gourmet ice cream spot born from the inventive minds of two gals from Los Angeles.

The story goes the co-founders bought a postal van on Craigslist, tricked it out with their love of design and architecture, then drove it to Coachella where they wowed festivalgoers with their delicious funky flavors like Avocado & Sea Salt, Sweet Potato Marshie, Fried Chicken Maple Waffle, Fruit Loop Cereal Milk, Grapefruit Tarragon & Gin and Nutella Almond. They now have trucks in LA, New York, Austin & Dallas and two storefronts—one in Culver City and the other in Pasadena. I’d like to be friends with these girls. Hey Natasha & Freya, call me!

Enjoy the pics, then go find a local shop, truck or retailer to get your sugar fix. P.S. If you missed celebrating National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, I won’t judge you for making up for it the rest of the month.


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#MondayFunday in Downtown Los Angeles

Scott and I celebrated two years of dating last Monday. He’s super fun. And super cute. I love him. Anyway! We started the day with brunch at Akasha in Culver City. Scott loves their pour over coffee and breakfast sandwich and I MUST HAVE their cold brew and salmon bagel plate.

After fueling up, we took the Metro downtown. I’m newly obsessed with the train. HOW CONVENIENT! HOW EASY! HOW FUN! I love watching the city pass by while people-watching the Angelenos who hop on and off. Where are you going?! Where did you come from?!

We ran into a friend fresh off the train, which made us feel really cool and Los Angeles-ish. (Hi Allie!)

We darted around downtown, running around like kids at recess. There is so much to see! I spent a lot of time wishing I had three hands to juggle my camera, iPhone and iced green tea from Sustain Juicery.

After a shortcut through the Los Angeles Public Library, we marveled at the beauty and coolness of Angel’s Flight Railway and the little park next to it that starred in 500 Days of Summer. So ridiculously cool. Downtown is such an oasis. I can imagine the people who work there appreciate being able to walk outside to enjoy the sun, fresh air and peaceful surroundings.

dtla-10dtla-11dtla-12dtla-13dtla-14dtla-15dtla-16dtla-17Our only planned stop for the day was the Museum of Contemporary Art. Andy Warhol’s exhibit “Shadows” runs through February 15, and the other exhibits in the permanent collection are quite interesting to look at as well. Monday was a great day to visit because we nearly had the place to ourselves. If you go (and you should!) take the stairs down to the Learning Lounge. It’s sponsored by Dwell, Hermann Miller and Design Within Reach, and was designed by Christopher C. Deam. Neat neat neat neat.

After artsy-fartsying around, Scott had the genius plan to walk to City Hall for a view. On the way, I had a happy attack at the site of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It’s unbelievable.

When we reached City Hall, we took a gold elevator up to the 27th floor where we were blown away by the amazing views of LA. A touch of vertigo tends to send me spinning when I’m around tall buildings or heights, but the incredible view was worth it. Yowza.

When we returned to ground level, we passed through Little Tokyo on the way to Wurstküche, where the brauts and brews are drool-worthy. The weather was perfect for sitting on the patio and our feet enjoyed the break.

After lunch, we wandered into a couple stores next door, Poketo and Apolis. I’m a big fan of both. (I’ll post more about Poketo later this month.) Apolis offered us refreshing iced tea and strong coffee when we stopped in. Thanks guys! Since we were so close to Angel City Brewery, we haaaaaad to visit. Scott and I love the people, board games, Cornhole and of course, beer. Check out their tours Thursdays through Sundays and definitely sign up for their newsletter to get the scoop on all their fun happenings.



Photo by Scott Rowan

We hopped the train back to Culver City and ended our day of adventure at A-Frame. It was exactly what I wanted. The vibe was super chill, the lights were dim and the drinks and Furikake Kettelcorn were suuuuh good. The resto is about to morph into a Hawaiian paradise (new menu out on Feb. 13), which means you can bet we’ll be regulars.

What a day, y’all. What a day.


Thanksgiving Treats

GUYS! I am so excited for Thanksgiving. I’ll be celebrating with a few friends and their family members. Friendsgiving 2014! Scott is making the turkey, stuffing and gravy (his usual trio), so follow him on Instagram if you want to see him get weird with a bird. As for me, there were SO MANY RECIPES to choose from on Pinterest, but I finally landed on three to make for the party. I’ll be gettin’ busy in the kitchen later tonight and tomorrow morning, so tune in if you want to see if I burn my house down how it all turns out. Thanks for the recipes, Dickinson’sThe Magical Slow Cooker and Lexi’s Clean Kitchen! Happy cooking, errrbody!

slow-cooker-green-bean-casseroleSlow Cooker Green Bean Casserole mmmm. Recipe here.

jalapeno-jelly-and-cream-cheese-dipThe easiest dip ever! Recipe here.

apple-cider-sangriaApple Cider Sangria! Recipe here.