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Birthday Wish List

My birthday is in nine days. Do you know how I know this? Because it’s on my driver’s license. But also because the cheerful customer service guy who helped me cancel my health insurance over the phone (I’m joining my contract company’s plan) told me so. This is the difference between me turning 37 and me turning 26. As an almost 37-year-old, I proactively called to cancel my insurance so I wouldn’t have to pay double premiums. As an almost 26-year-old, I got a tattoo of a mustache on my finger from Bubba at Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas after having a shot of Tequila at Reno’s Chop Shop Saloon down the street. Pretty happy about both of these decisions. Annnyhoo, while perusing one of my favorite SERIOUSLY FUN online shops—BAN.DO—I realized I needed a lot of SERIOUSLY FUN stuff & things in my 37th year of life. I thought I’d create a post of my current favorites and send them to my boyfriend share them with y’all. Take a look and let me know your favorites in the comments! (It’s the roller skates, I just know it.)

Birthday wish list items from BAN.DO

Better than cake: 1. Available for Weekends t-shirt – medium $38, 2. 17-Month I Am Very Busy Agenda – large $32, 3. Pom Pom Earrings – black & white $75, 4. Doin’ Fine Slides – size 8 $70, 5. Champagne is My Game Plant Holder $52, 6. Fancy Dress Dogs Scarf $140, 7. Third Eye Bangle $56, 8. Amigo Circle Bag – Onyx $95, 9. I Did My Best Socks $10 and Moxie Pink Roller Skates $279, 10. Square Pink Felt Letter Board $60, 11. I Don’t Work Here Ceramic Mug $14, 12. Rose Bomber Jacket – medium $36

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