about-mustache-melroseABOUT MEL
Hi! I’m Melody Rose Lowe. I grew up in Austin, Texas and spent many years gypsy-ing in & out of cities all over the Lone Star State. (And yes, there was that one year in NYC & those couple months in Spain. Olé!) I currently live in Austin, but can often be found in my former hood of Culver City, California—a quaint lil’ ZIP code on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Raise your hand if you’re into fun! I have a deep love for all things local. Whether it’s a legit Italian market that just popped up on the east side of Austin or my favorite little gift shop in Culver City, I’m going to overshare the heck out of it. I lurve supporting and gushing about good people and good businesses and hope to inspire others to do the same. I also have a passion for travel, home decor, fashion, oysters and Micheladas, so you can expect to hear about that stuff too.

My past work life includes launching a food, fashion & culture blog for NBC, editing a lifestyle magazine & city guide in Dallas, planting and growing an online community for Yelp and writing a boat-load of copy & developing the brand personality for a not-your-average mobile banking app and website. I’m currently a copywriter at a digital advertising agency in downtown Austin and I enjoy a little freelance on the side. Need help with copy, marketing, social media or deciding your favorite Starburst flavor? I’m your girl! Email me at Mel{at}MustacheMelrose.com. If you’re interested in seeing my portfolio, check out the very popular website MelodyLowe.com.

I shoot and edit all photos on the site, unless otherwise noted. Photos of my mug are taken by my hunk of a boyfriend, Scott Rowan.

♥    When traveling to different cities, I make it a point to stop into a Buffalo Exchange. I love getting to know the style personality of the people who live there!
♥    I fell in love with styling others while working at Nordstrom and a handful of other boutiques in between journalism classes at the University of North Texas.
♥    I blame my incurable case of wanderlust on growing up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. (LET’S GO EVERYWHERE!)
♥    I have my grandmother and her collection of Town & Country magazines to thank for my love of getting lost in stacks of travel, fashion & home publications.
♥    When I get excited, I shimmy.